What is Microequity?

MESE.io, the Microequity Stock Exchange, is the world's first microequity exchange that allows micro participation in the global tech equity market. Our microequities are digital Algorand ASA tokens and represent 1/10,000th of the actual value of high value technology company stocks. Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Netflix are the initial listed microequities, and are 100% backed by actual stocks as the underlying assets of value.

For the first time in history, ANYONE can share in the growth of the most stable and advanced technology companies in the world!

Microequity on MESE.io



1/10,000 of the value of 1 TSLA StockExchange Circulation: 10,0000MESE.io Ticker: MTSLAhttps://algoexplorer.io/asset/438840



1/10,000 of the value of 1 AAPL StockExchange Circulation: 10,0000MESE.io Ticker: MAAPLhttps://algoexplorer.io/asset/438839



1/10,000 of the value of 1 GOOGL StockExchange Circulation: 10,0000MESE.io Ticker: MGOOGLhttps://algoexplorer.io/asset/438838



1/10,000 of the value of 1 TWTR Stock
Exchange Circulation: 10,0000
MESE.io Ticker: MTWTR



1/10,000 of the value of 1 AMZN Stock
Exchange Circulation: 10,0000
MESE.io Ticker: MAMZN



1/10,000 of the value of 1 MSFT Stock
Exchange Circulation: 10,0000
MESE.io Ticker: MMSFT



1/10,000 of the value of 1 NFLX Stock
Exchange Circulation: 10,0000
MESE.io Ticker: MNFLX



1/10,000,000 of the total value of the MESE.io INDEX Exchange fundExchange Circulation: 10,000,000MESE.io Ticker: MESXhttps://algoexplorer.io/asset/438831

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And just by registering, you will receive the MESX microequity, which represents an equal blend of all the microequity listed on MESE.io. 


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All of the microequity on MESE.io is paired with USDT. MESE.io also supports BTC, ETH, ALGO and ARCC.


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Log on to our platform and make a trade. You can also buy into our index fund token, MESX, with ARCC.


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Supercharge your holdings by receiving staking rewards for both ARCC and MESX.

Introducing MESX

The World's First Index Exchange Token Powered by DeFi

MESX is a new index exchange token that is supercharged by our community through DeFi. Your liquidity farming yields build the foundation and value of the token, and every single trade brings 50% net trading revenue back to an ever growing MESX Index Pool.  MESX is:
● The index fund token of MESE.io● Backed by a pool of the listed tech stocks on MESE.io and ARCC, the Asia Reserve Currency Coin ● 50% of the net transaction fees from MESE.io go back into buying additional stocks for the MESX pool of equity ● 5B Maximum Supply of MESX tokens● 5% of net revenues from MESE.io shared INDEFINITELY after supply limit hit
The Hybrid DeFi Exchange Token Model creates increased liquidity which allows for a virtuous circle of revenue, staking and token value.

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  • What is microequity?

    A microequity, essentially, is a tokenized stock. But what we’ve done is we’ve divided it into 10,000 increments for one particular share. And so what happens in practice is that we hold shares in custody and then we issue 10,000 microequity tokens for every one of those shares. And then those tokens can be freely bought, sold and traded on MESE.io.

  • How is microequity created?

    Microequity was made possible because of the innovation of cryptocurrencies and specifically the Algorand blockchain. All microequity assets are created as ASA, Algorand Standard Asset, tokens on the Algorand blockchain. All of the microequity products are backed with equivalent underlying real equity of the listed microequity and are held by MESE.io. 

  • Why are cryptocurrencies and blockchain critical to microequities?

    When you build upon a decentralized permissionless blockchain, there’s two main benefits: the first is your typical overhead costs really don’t exist anymore except for transactional costs. Once we build the assets they’re there and require minimal management. And the transactional costs tend to be quite insignificant actually. Therefore, we don’t need to charge exorbitant fees or force you to hold your assets with us in order to cover our overhead. It allows us to service users and markets that would otherwise be excluded. The second is that the assets can be held independently as digital tokens and can be freely traded or held as an asset.

  • How did you decide which stocks to use for microequities?

    We had three main criteria:● The companies should benefit from either network effects or an ecosystem● Have a strong technology platform and be an innovator in their space on the social or technological front● Shown to have integrity in their corporate leadership teamsWhile not in the FAANG group of companies, we identified Tesla as an ecosystem play and their associated technologies as having network effects when seen as a whole. Microsoft and Amazon experience clear network effects in their core businesses as well as their cloud data infrastructures. Apple is the epitome of an ecosystem play and innovation. Netflix has established economies of scale and markets, and though its network effects are limited, it has innovative and growing capabilities in its media content creation ecosystem. Twitter is considered to be the dark horse in this group, but its social function as a first line of news and social commentary, as well as its clear network effects, eked it in as an undervalued asset. Our hope is that it increases the number of thoughtful and innovative functionalities and doubles down on its strengths. And Google is Google.

  • What is the difference between microequities and fractional shares?

    Fractional ownership is owning a percentage of a share from your broker’s pool. It is beneficial because you are able to invest in that stock regardless of the price of a single stock or minimum order. While you are a fractional owner, the actual share is held by the brokerage in its own pool and in order to sell that fractional share, you must sell it back to the brokerage you bought it for at the market price.

    A microequity is structured not as ownership, but as a representative value of the stock. It is created as a cryptocurrency and exists on a public ledger so once it is acquired on MESE.io, it can be taken off the exchange and held in a private wallet or transferred to another user off the platform. Thus, the microequity can now also act as a store of value and as an asset that can hold wealth independently.

    The other important attribute is that each microequity represents exactly 1 microshare designated as 1/10,000th of the value of the underlying asset, (i.e. the actual stock), and is not divisible into fractional values or decimals. This allows each microequity to have a clear base value and price guidance from the actual listed stock, i.e. if Tesla is at $450, then the microequity value is at $0.045 or 4.5 cents. This is an ideal entry point for accessibility in emerging and developing markets where such established equities do not exist.

    Microequities are also able to be traded on their own independent marketplace that has clear price guidance, yet also retain the ability to price in accessibility. It is an asset that has a level of guidance, momentum and stability not seen at the ‘penny stock’ level. This marks the first time where an individual could truly make a sustained gain for an investment under a dollar.  

  • Where are the listed stocks that back the microequity held?

    The listed stocks that back the microequities are held in custody with MESE.io. We do not issue any new microequities unless we have the stock in custody. This ensures that, as the buyer of last resort, we are able to keep our commitment towards the underlying stocks as price guidance for the microequities.

  • Will you add additional types of new microequity?

    In the foreseeable future, we don’t expect to add in any new microequity. But that being said, as long as they fulfill the criteria, we are more than happy to look at companies that should be added on. But we’re looking for the most innovative, impactful, networked ecosystems, because ultimately regardless of how they trade we want microequities to be growth assets rather than speculative assets.

  • How can I verify if I have a valid microequity token?

    All the microequities are verified assets within the Algorand wallet, and there’s a check mark behind it. Each token has a specific ID number and you can go to AlgoExplorer.io to check whether or not that token is the right one. So as long as you are trading the correct token, it should be no problem at all. And that can be verified by the Algorand wallet.

  • Why did you create MESE.io?

    MESE.io is wholly held by IBMR.io, and our mission is to solve global financial inequality through the creation of the world's first microasset, ARCC (Asia Reserve Currency Coin), and to create an accessible and equitable decentralized financial system through the innovation of blockchain technology. Through direct and accessible user participation and decentralized network effects, IBMR.io is committed to supporting a global financial system that is designed and works for those who have been excluded by the current financial system. Our mission isn't disruptive, it is to bring true balance to the world by applying the innovation of blockchain as a force for economic reconciliation.

  • Who can participate in MESE.io?

    The product was designed for participants in emerging and developing markets. This does not exclude other countries, but US, US territories and US sanctioned countries and/or jurisdictions are restricted from participation on MESE.io. Access to MESE.io will be restricted after September 29th, 2020 to only those jurisdictions that qualify for participation. 

  • How are the prices of the microequities determined?

    The base price of the microequities determined on MESE.io comes from the price guidance of the actual stock itself. So, for instance, if Tesla is trading at $500 per share, then the initial price point for the microequity — one ten-thousandth of this share value — would be five cents. But beyond that, we are expecting that people will price in the ease of accessibility, and would look to see the microequity trade a little higher than what the price guidance is. But we don’t expect to see a wide variance from that. So, unlike a lot of other tokenized assets where there is no price guidance or they’re not really based on anything at all, we feel that microequities offer a very strong kind of bridge where it has its own independence yet receives clear price guidance from the main equities market.

  • How is risk mitigated for users?

    The risk is mitigated in two ways: first, the stocks we picked to base the microequities on are from very stable, network effects or ecosystem driven companies. Even during this period of great uncertainty, these particular tech stocks have actually continued to grow in value. Second, we are creating a microfinance network where users will be able to earn free microequities through participation. We’re not trying to take from their cash holdings, but rather create wealth through direct participation. We’ll have more to say about our network in the months ahead.

  • How do you buy microequity on MESE.io?

    Buying microequity on MESE.io is basically the same as buying any digital token on any of the major digital token exchanges that exist right now. So, you would need to have either a stablecoin like USDT, or Bitcoin or Ethereum, and then you would be able to transfer that onto the system to deposit it. And then you would buy your microequity on the exchange. But, one major benefit we have is that we also have ARCC on our system, and we plan on providing opportunities to earn ARCC for free through participating in our microfinance network. With their ARCC, users will be able to deposit it on MESE.io and buy microequities, essentially for free, from their participation. We’ll be releasing more information on this in the months ahead.

  • How do I trade my microequity on MESE.io?

    Trading the microequities on MESE.io after you’ve acquired them is the same as any digital exchange. All you need to do is go in and either put a limit order for buy or sell based on the price that you would like to have. We would encourage everyone to take some time to educate yourself on the platform and also the risks associated with trading. Even though we have mitigated and minimized those risks for our products there will always be risks.

  • Does MESE.io provide leverage?

    MESE.io does not provide any leverage or shorting on the platform currently and not for the foreseeable future. The reason for that is we’re trying to create wealth and not a speculative situation, and we’re trying to get away from this entire model of credit. As an organization, we feel that there is a better way to approach wealth creation than through credit.

  • Can I hold my microequity off of MESE.io?

    Yes, you can absolutely hold your microequities off MESE.io. Any Algorand wallet that’s enabled will be able to take an ASA. All you need to do is go into the Algorand wallet and simply enable the ASA. So, if it’s micro-Tesla or micro-Apple, you can just go into the Algorand wallet, enable it, and then simply send it to yourself. And you can send it to your friends and family as well.

  • Can I find out what the total supply of microequity is?

    Yes. You can find out the total minted supply by going to AlgoExplorer.io and just clicking your asset. In terms of the total supply that has been released into circulation, you can go to MESE.io and we will have an updated amount of circulating microequity listed on the site.

  • What are the trading fees on MESE.io?

    Currently we’ve put them at 0.25% per trade, buy and sell. And the reason for that is because in order for MESE.io to work, we need to generate revenue. But in our model, 50% of our revenue goes back towards MESX, our index fund token. And so it becomes a positive feedback loop — as there are more transactions, there’s more revenue, there’s more contributions to the index fund, and there’s more ways for all of us to grow together.

About Us

MESE.io, the Microequity Stock Exchange, is the world's first microequity exchange that allows micro participation in the global tech equity market. Operating under the aegis of the International Blockchain Monetary Reserve (IBMR.io), MESE.io's mission is to create a financially inclusive platform for equities on the microfinance level for developing and emerging markets.
Financial markets in developing countries have their own macroeconomic risks due to currency volatility, low liquidity and general market instability. Apart from microloans or remittance, there are no wealth creation opportunities at the microfinance level when capital is less than a dollar. MESE.io and microequities solve this dilemma by tokenizing the stocks of high value tech companies, such as Apple and Tesla, and making them accessible at 1/10,000 of the actual value. For the first time in history, emerging and developing markets will be able to share in the growth of the most stable and advanced tech companies in the world.
More than just banking the unbanked, MESE.io is about providing accessible wealth creation tools directly to the individual through the innovation and accessibility of microequity.

MESE.io is for financial inclusion and targeted for emerging and developing markets. The following markets are restricted from the use of this website, platform and services: USA and all USA jurisdictions including but not limited to: American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and Puerto Rico. Restrictions also extend to any USA financially sanctioned jurisdictions, such as, but not limited to: the Balkans, Belarus, Burma, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Zimbabwe.

Before using the services on this site, please refer to the Terms & Conditions. For avoidance of doubt, any microequity digital tokens on MESE.io are only a digital value representation based on the held listed equity shares by MESE.io and these microequity digital tokens are not fractional ownership and are not ownership and do not confer or give any ownership rights of any listed equity shares whose representative value has been tokenized as microequity token increments.