Binding a Google Authenticator

Step 1: Download the Google Authenticator APPTo download, search for “Google Authenticator” in Playstore (Android) or AppStore (iOS)

Step 2: Binding the Google AuthenticatorGo to your account’s User Center > Account Management > Google Authenticator and click “Connect”.
The secret key is in the form of "a string of letters + a QR code", it is recommended that you manually copy the string of letters corresponding to the QR code on a piece of paper so you can bind's Google verification code on any phone's Google authenticator.


Step 3: Open the Google Authenticator APPClick “+” to set up an account and select "Scan barcode" and scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator APP to bind the Google Authenticator.


After scanning, the phone will display a 6-digit verification code, you can always use the Google verification code to complete your account functions.

If verification code error occurs when you enter Google Authentication code or after binding, please go to Settings at the top right-hand corner of the Google Authenticator APP and select correction time to get a new verification code. Important Note:Scenario 1:If you can obtain Google verification code without having to back up the Google Key, it is recommended that you login your User Center > Security Settings to reset your Google verification by turning it off and on again. When you turn it back on, please back up your Google key by recording it on a piece of paper and keep it safe. Scenario 2:If you lose Google key, please delete the Google Authenticator APP and if you still cannot get Google verification code, you will need to unbind your Google Authenticator. To do so, please follow below procedure and email the required information to: moc.ikib%40tcatnoc: 
Your UID and your ID/passport number (the one you submit for account verification)copy of the photo for the 3rd upload when you submitted for account verificationMake a video of yourself (the video should briefly explains the loss of your Google Authenticator and you confirm that you are the account holder requesting to unbind your GA)
Upon receipt of your request, we will review within 3 working days and contact you to help you to unbind the Google Authenticator.