Withdrawal Issues

  • Why can’t I withdraw?

    Users must pass KYC verification before they can withdraw.
    See here for more information on how to complete KYC. 

  • How long does it take for a withdrawal to be processed?

    Currently, withdrawals will be processed from 10am to 10pm GMT+8 and will be approved within 90 min of being received. Withdrawal requests between 10pm and 10am GMT+8 will be approved within 12 hours.

    Because we are a microfinance platform rather than a typical crypto exchange we need to ensure KYC is done properly and our customer service team is focused on the Asia region. 

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

            ALGO 25 ARCC 1 BTC 0.001 ETH 0.02 EUSDT 6 USDT 5 MESX 50 Microequities 50

  • What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

    Each time:
    ALGO 200,000
    ARCC 150,000
    BTC 200
    ETH 1000
    EUSDT 300,000
    USDT 300,000
    MESX 50,000
    Microequities 100,000

    Each day:
    ALGO 800,000
    ARCC 10,000,000
    BTC 500
    ETH 2000
    EUSDT 600,000
    USDT 600,000
    MESX 150,000
    Microequities 100,000

  • What is the withdrawal fee?

            ALGO 0.1 ARCC 1 BTC 0.0005 ETH 0.02 EUSDT 5 USDT 5 MESX 1 Microequities 1

Staking Rewards

  • Why am I not receiving staking rewards?

    Staking rewards are automatically earned on any ARCC or MESX in a user’s account which are not currently locked in any active trades. Users must also pass KYC verification before automatic staking rewards can be earned. Staking rewards may take up to 48 hours to be disbursed.

    See here for more information on how to complete KYC.

    If you have passed KYC and are still not receiving staking rewards please email oi.esem%40troppus with your UID.
    See here for more information on where to find your User ID. 

  • When are staking rewards calculated?

    Rewards are calculated 24 hours after the beginning of the staking period (around 2:30am GMT+8). 

  • When are staking rewards deposited to my account?

    Staking rewards are deposited within 48 hours of the end of the staking period but usually within 4 hours. The reason for the possible delay is because we manually check to ensure there are no issues with the calculations before disbursing.